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Our annual IT Decision Makers Survey
in Association with Red C Research

On the 3rd of September, we published our annual state of the nation IT survey in association with Red C Research in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine.

In the survey, we spoke to 150 CEOs and company leaders about their view on some key issues facing Irish businesses today. Highlighted below are the key findings, as well as a copy of the full survey. 

Key Findings

Rent Subsidies for Staff 

/ Paddy Cosgraves’ suggestion that companies should subsidise rent for their employees is seen by 3 in 10 as an initiative that would have a positive impact on foreign direct investment in the country. 4 in 10 believe that rent subsites would have a positive impact on the cost of attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals during the rent crisis. Upward only rent reviews as an unintended consequence of the initiative are a concern for 3 in 10 businesses.

Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence ​​​​​​​

/ A third of Irish businesses claim that they have had to adapt a lot to the introduction of GDPR in May, with a further third claiming they have had to adapt a little.
/ Artificial intelligence is making real gains in helping companies with Marketing, with over half of Irish businesses claiming that developments involving ads or chat bots will have positive impact on business within the next year or two. Machine learning is also expected to have impact on just over a third of Irish businesses.
/ Voice technologies such as Siri, and transport technology like self driving cars or haulage have yet to make any meaningful impact within the Irish market, with less than 1 in 5 citing any impact on their business over the next 18/24 month period.

In-House Systems

/ Key infrastructure technologies such as network, servers or back up storage continue to be of paramount importance for Irish business, with an increasing number of businesses using these compared to last year (86%, +7%). MDM usage has fallen backs somewhat versus last year, while usage of other in-house services remain consistent year on year.

Gaining and Retaining a Skilled Workforce in Tech/IT

/ Relative to last year, Irish businesses are finding it easier to find new skilled technology/IT professionals, with 1 in 3 finding it either very/quite easy to attract suitable candidates to their business. A significantly lower proportion of businesses are finding it less difficult to attract potential tech employees than in 2017. Businesses are also reporting that retaining technology/IT staff is easier than the previous year.
/ Investment in training and development of staff remains consistent with last year, with about half of Irish businesses spending a lot/some money in this area.
/ Training of staff in both hardware and software has increased significantly versus July 2017, with a significantly higher proportion of businesses reporting that they are currently training staff in these areas.

Technology Budgets

/ Consistent with last year, the main area of technology spend by companies goes towards both hardware and software, with about 3 in 10 businesses claiming either one is the main area of spend within their technology budget.
/ Planned spending for 2019 technology budgets is similar to the current financial year, with software investment taking the largest share of spend relative to other elements.

Advancements in Banking

/ Businesses are continuing to feel advancements in banking are having a positive impact on several areas of the business including Transactions, Account Management and Ease of Use.
/ About two-thirds of businesses claim that contactless payments has had an impact on both point of Sales Transactions and Reducing Customer time at the check-out.

Read the Full Survey

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