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Compu b have teamed up with Apple Device Management specialists, dataJAR to provide our customers with a comprehensive management and support solution for your Apple devices.

Our Mac management service offers you the ability to remotely track your inventory, offer zero touch deployment, ensure the highest levels of security and empower your end users. These features can be offered through your central IT team and will considerably reduce the load on your management and support overhead. enables us to deploy, manage and maintain all your devices from a simple, cost effective and centralised cloud service. Designed by experts in the field and with the latest developments in mobility and mass-automation, it offers users unparalleled clarity and control over your company’s devices, resulting in reduced costs in support and maintenance.

Service Features

  • Secure 7-day backup of the management environment
  • A hosted environment providing a JAMF Software Server in a UK data centre
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Scalable environment
  • Platform upgrades 
  • Verified public certificate authority 
  • Automated packaging service 
  • Consulting and professional services from senior Apple consultants 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM will allow you to deliver software and settings across multiple devices from any where ensuring that your company’s mobile devices remain compliant and under control despite their geographical location. We can even extend this to ‘user-owned’ devices, which are not under organisational ownership - allowing your employees to access the systems and applications you assign them to.

The system is built to manage devices using core enterprise technologies and infrastructure. 

Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) 

Apple's Device Enrolment Program (DEP) simplifies initial setup by automating enrolment and supervision of devices during setup, which enables you to configure the devices without touching them. To further simplify the process, you can skip certain Setup Assistant screens so users can start using their devices right out of the box. Some of the key features of DEP are -

  • Mandatory and lockable MDM enrolment
  • Wireless supervision
  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Streamlined set-up assistant
  • Automatic re-enrolment if the device is reset  
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Our automated packaging service will save you valuable time and efoort by taking the work out of the configuration, update and maintenance of applications on your company’s devices.

Maintain a standardised device configuration across multiple devices, with our layered approach which enables both ease of deployment and rapid changes to configurations as required. 

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Ensure that your devices are encrypted for business purposes and that data cannot find its way in to non-business approved applications. Our device management service supports FileVault encryption to ensure your OS devices are fully encrypted.

Empower your end-users and reduce IT support queries and costs by offering the ability to install software, remove software, setup printers and run maintenance on their systems. These privileges can be based on Mac location or user identity.