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Compu b offer the best in device management with MobileIron. When deployed using DEP and VPP, your IT department can now take advantage of zero touch configuration and send devices directly to end users without ever having to open a box. Let us manage and deploy your iPhone and iPad on your behalf.

MobileIron Cloud enables us to fully access the power of iOS 10 through a simple and cost-effective platform. It delivers the layered security of the MobileIron platform via the cloud and is built on a massively scalable infrastructure to keep up with the proliferation of devices, apps and data. Seamlessly support thousands of devices so that your mobile enterprise team can plan for today and into the future.


Device Enrolment Program (DEP)

Apple's Device Enrolment Program (DEP) simplifies initial setup by automating enrolment and supervision of devices during Mobile Device Management (MDM) setup, which enables you to configure the devices without touching them. To further simplify the process, you can skip certain Setup Assistant screens so users can start using their devices right out of the box. Some of the key features of DEP are -

  • Mandatory and lockable MDM enrolment
  • Wireless supervision
  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Streamlined set-up assistant
  • Automatic re-enrolment if the device is reset 
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MobileIron Cloud provides secure management of corporate and user owned devices across multiple operating systems. It automates device configuration and setup, and integrates with directory services for user authentication and management and also enables end user access to corporate email on personal devices.

MobileIron Cloud helps manage the application lifecycle by making apps available to end users via an app catalog for both public and corporate apps and secures the applications on end user devices and separates them from personal apps. It can also provide end users with an app that stores corporate content securely on their mobile device, while administrators can enforce policies such as authentication, file sharing and copy/paste restriction.

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Organisations can deploy MobileIron Cloud with zero footprint and with the MobileIron Cloud Connector provides real-time connectivity to backend AD/LDAP directory services for proper user authentication and integration with groups, business units, and users set up in the corporate directory.

MobileIron Cloud is the most trusted Mobile IT cloud service in the industry. MobileIron Cloud has completed a SOC 2 Type 2 assessment to audit the operational and security processes of the service, has the TRUSTe Privacy Seal, signifying that the company’s privacy policy and practices have been reviewed for transparency, accountability, and choice regarding the protection of customer information and TRUSTe has certified MobileIron’s compliance with EU Safe Harbour.